Red River Family Encampment 2012

Red River Family Encampment 2012

Red River Family Encampment has been meeting in Red River, New Mexico for 26 consecutive years. I've been blessed to be a part of it for the last two. I would describe RRFE as a combination family/Bible camp. There are classes, lessons and singing in the morning and evening, with the afternoon, early evening, and late evening for family and community activities. During these free times you will find people resting, visiting, hiking, fishing, walking the western-style down-town area, playing games, driving around the countryside, and simply doing whatever promotes fun and family time together.

My family loves Bible and family camps. In addition to this camp in Red River, we also camp at Silver Maple in Kansas, Wyoming Bible Camp in Lander, WY, and Yellowstone Bible Camp in Pray, MT. I have seen family and Bible camps make dramatic changes in people's lives.

This year there were about 1,200 people in attendance at RRFE. Below are some pics I took during this great event.

 Pictured above are the good folks from High Plains Children's Home in Amarillo, TX. Every year they cook sauage and share it with attendees as a "thank you" for everyone's support of the children throughout the year. My family is pictured with them in the top pic.

Pictured above are my son and daughter, and my daughter and me. Beautiful surroundings for a family camp!

Red River wildlife!! There are some other species available for viewing as well. Some folks saw elk, and my kids saw a black bear cub.

We had a number of young men preach during the week. Here are four young men and their sponsors/mentors.

 I am pictured above with the director of RRFE, Jerry Lawlis (far right). In the middle is a preacher from Ethiopia who came to report on the mission work there.

John W. Smith, a great preacher and story-teller. He has been a favorite preacher of mine for many years. It was good to see him and Red River and to get to hear him speak.

Salvador Cariaga is a U.S. trained Phillipine preacher. His major work is to help impoverished families in the Philippines become self-supporting through raising goats. Goats provide milk, meat, and fertilizer for raising gardens. Hundreds of Philippine families have been helped by Salvador and his ministry.

Pictures above is a missionary family to Cambodia. They have helped lead dozens of people to Christ in the last few years. They had a booth to inform people about their good work. Also pictured above are the booths of the Cherokee Children's Home in Texas and the New Mexico Children's Christian Home.

What all of us attendees feel about RRFE!

Ah, the scenry. God's beautiful creation.

Red River Family Encampment is an absolutely wonderful experience for people of all ages. It is very common to see three generations present together: grandparents, children and grandchildren. For many families, RRFE is an annual reunion time.

RRFE 2013 ... maybe you be able to make it, too?

Warren Baldwin


Old-Fahsioned Communion Set

Old-Fashioned Communion Set

I visited a church in Buffalo Gap, TX recently where a friend, Steve Johnson, is the minister. He has a really neat old-fashined communion set on display on the communion table. He used a similar set for a class I had with him, Worship, at ACU in early June. It is not only a communion set, it is a very good teaching tool.

WB, Jason Bybee, Stephen Johnson

When I saw the set in Buffalo Gap I knew I wanted a similar set, for use and for teaching. We have a retired art teacher in our congregation, Pat Kistler. I showed her Steve's set and asked her if she would/could make a set for me. She began that day! This is the first set she ever made, and  I think she did a very good job! She made a plate, too, but it isn't on display here.

If you notice, Pat even researched the Hebrew words!

Pat may make another set, with smaller pieces, to use for traveling. I plan on using it at Wyoming Bible Camp in July.

Thanks Stephen & Pat for your good teaching and your artistic expression, all used to the glory of God.