Fund Raiser for Trafficked Girls

Fund Raiser for Trafficked Girls

Eternal Threads is a non-profit organization in Abilene, TX that works with trafficked girls in several countries. They provide safe housing, food and other support.

The Red Thread Movement is another organization partnered with Eternal Threads to work with girls particularly in Nepal. Between 12,000 to 15,000 girls a year are trafficked across the southern border with India. Roughly 200 girls are rescued each month.

My daughter Kristin is organizing a fund raisser for The Red Thread Movement in Ulysses, KS on July 28. It will consist of a 5K/1 mile walk/run. Following the walk/run there will be a hamburger feed, free for participants and $5 for nonparticipants.

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can let me know through the blog or email me.

Below are a couple of videos you might be interested in. The first is a short video about the work in Nepal. The second is a statement from the president of Abilene Christian University.

Human trafficking is one of the biggest blights on the human scene today. National Geographic estimates there are 25,000,000 (25 million) slaves in the world today. Millions of them are minor boys and girls, forced to work in horribly inhumane conditions. There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, forced to work in the slave trade right here in our own coutnry, The United States. Anything we can do to rescue and help any of them will surely be blesed by God.

For further information, please check out any of the following sites:
Eternal Threads

Red Thread Movement

Also, please check out Kristin's site: Red Thread Movement Event. Her theme stement for the event is "We run so they don't have to."

I'll have pictures after the event and some news of how it went. But, I really hope that some of you will be able to be here for it! I already know of one fellow blogger that will be here.

Do you know of any other good events or programs to rescue those caught in trafficking?


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Tami @ said...

It breaks my heart to see children placed into forced slavery or sex trafficking.

I read a book {}that really opened my eyes to the reality of others' suffering.